Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Chávez’ victory

With a victory margin of almost 10% amounting to a lead of 1.3 million votes, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez was re-elected to a third term yesterday; a term that will expire in 2019. The margin of Chavez’ victory, coupled with challenger Henrique Capriles’ acknowledgment of defeat, appeared to mute claims of fraud which the opposition and US corporate media were trying out as themes over the past two weeks. There have been no reported incidents of violence since Capriles’ concession speech removed any basis for opposition supporters to challenge the results in the streets.

Venezuela is an example to who want to build a better world. If Venezuelans can reduce poverty, so can we.  If Venezuelans can use their national resources to benefit all, not just a few, so can we. If Venezuelans can have a vibrant democracy, so can we.

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